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Brewing Friendship + Tapping Good Times

Augustine Membership 

At Denton County Brewing Co., we've cranked up the craft beer game, and we're inviting you to hop on board Augustine, The Extended Experience! It's like your backstage pass to the beer world, all for just $39 per month (annual)!

What's Brewing for Augustine Members?

  • Early Beer Vibes: Be the first to sip on our fresh brews, including exclusive and early-access releases. 
  • Daily Sips on the House: Get a FREE DCBC draft beer every time you swing by our taproom. 
  • Monthly Beer Drops:  Pickup a monthly pack of 2-4 canned brews, featuring Augustine exclusives ($16-$32 value).
  • Beer Swag: Flaunt exclusive merch to showcase your craft beer passion with style. Enjoy 20% off all branded merchandise!
  • Taste the Magic: Enjoy our Beer Sensory Program (tasting with the brewers) for an elevated beer tasting experience.
  • Party with the Brewers: Party where the magic happens at our Pasture Party - Grain to Glass Experience. Meet the folks behind your favorite sips!
  • Exclusive discounts, coupons, and early access to ticketed events, dinners, pairings, and parties at the brewery (10% off+).

Bonus Info and Chill Vibes:

  • Pocket-Friendly: Just $39.95/month. It's a steal with a monthly value exceeding $175!
  • Limited Spots: We're keeping it cozy, so don't wait to claim your spot
  • House Rules: Remember, you gotta "buy" those free drafts at the taproom. Must be present to drink!
  • Pick Up the Fun: Grab your merch and monthly beer packs in person from our taproom.
  • No Saving for Later: Perks don't stack or roll over, folks!
  • Exclusive Club: You gotta be in it to win it. Membership unlocks all the sweet benefits.
  • Cancel Anytime: If you decide to say goodbye, just give us a 30-day heads-up via email. - Sorry, no refunds.

Augustine Membership

This "tickets" selection is required to register with our subscription program. The pricing is determined in the next section for membership level. Thanks for joining Augustine! We look forward to drinking with you soon! Currently, you can only sign up one member per transaction. Your "ticket" is your membership and creates a unique member ID for you to use at the brewery. Members must be age 21+

Membership Level Information

I understand I am subscribing to a membership program and may cancel my subscription at any time. Written cancelation is required in with 3 business days prior to next billing cycle in order to process cancelation. Refunds will not be provided.


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  • American Express
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